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What is RSS ?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication ...confusingly it's also said to stand for Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary but you don't need to worry about that!

In its simplest form RSS can be described as a list of a web site's new or updated content.

RSS was originally developed to allow news services to syndicate their content by displaying headlines, links and article summaries on other web sites and through dedicated software called news aggregators.

The easiest way to understand what RSS is in practical terms is to see it in action. Throughout this site you will find lots of different RSS feeds displayed so that you can see the numerous different uses this technology can be put to. To help you identify the RSS feeds from the rest of the sites content we have placed them in an orange box and labeled them, also in orange, with words such as "This is an RSS Feed" or "RSS Channel".


Although RSS has been around for over 5 years it has only recently caught on as a useful tool for webmasters and web surfers alike. Since it has been mainly used and discussed by programmers and professional web developers most of the resources available which explain RSS are of a highly technical nature.

If you've tried reading any of these technical guides on RSS you've probably found them extremely confusing. You may be confused by the fact that there are several different versions of RSS or that no one can even agree on what RSS actually stands for!

For this reason many webmasters and web site owners are missing out on an extremely valuable marketing tool which can dramatically improve your web sites traffic and increase your sales and repeat sales.

RSS is far easier than most people realize, if you can create a basic web page you will find it very easy to create an RSS feed for your web site if you have a simple set of instructions to follow.


RSS Feed Guide will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an RSS Feed for your web site and show you how to use your RSS Feed to increase your web site's traffic, boost sales and increase your profits. To see more of the benefits of RSS Feed Guide visit the RSS Feed Guide description page or if you're ready to start creating and using RSS Feeds signup now to gain access to the benefits of RSS Feed Guide.







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