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Update your Web pages Automatically

It's never been more important to regularly update your web site with fresh content. For a long time the major search engines have been giving higher rankings to web sites which are regularly updated. In recent updates to their indexes both Google and Yahoo have removed many web sites which haven't been updated for a while and reduced the rankings of even more web sites which aren't updated regularly.

If you want to get plenty of traffic from search engines it's now essential to add new content and update your web site at least once a week. It's not enough to just update your home page, you need to be adding fresh content to every page you wish to rank well in search engines in order to maintain your search engine ranking and search engine traffic for each page. If you don't your ranking will fall and you will lose out to your competitors.

Creating fresh content yourself can be very time consuming and eats up time that you could be spending on other important online marketing strategies.

By displaying RSS feeds from other web sites on your web pages your web pages will be automatically updated and provided with fresh content whenever the RSS feed you are displaying is updated. Most RSS feeds are updated several times a day and many are updated several times an hour - so by displaying the right RSS feeds your web pages could be automatically updated with free fresh content many time every day!

When a search engine spider views a web page which displays an RSS feed it sees the displayed RSS feed as part of the page's content so as far as the search engine spider is concerned if the RSS feed you are displaying on your web page is updated several times a day it considers your web page to be updated several times a day and ranks it accordingly!

As well as giving your web page a higher ranking for being updated regularly search engine spiders will also visit your site more frequently which means that any new content you add or changes you make will show up in the search engine results very quickly.


Don't use Javascript to Display RSS Feeds!

In order for search engines to correctly view an RSS feed displayed on your web page and see it as part of your web page you must display it correctly. To display an RSS feed on a web page the RSS feed must be parsed by software in order to convert it into a format which can be displayed.

The easiest way to do this is with Javascript, there are many free online services which will allow you to display RSS feeds on your web site with very little effort.

However, search engine spiders are unable to read Javascript so RSS feeds displayed using Javascript will not be seen by the search engine spider and you will not gain the benefits mentioned above. RSS feeds displayed with Javascript will be visible to your human visitors but will not give you any benefits at all with search engines.

To correctly display RSS feeds so that search engine spiders see them as part of your web page content you must use parsing software which reads the RSS feed and displays it's content as html. This takes a little more effort than displaying RSS feeds with Javascript but by following the step-by-step instructions provided in RSS Feed Guide you'll soon be displaying search engine friendly RSS feeds and reaping the rewards!


RSS Feed Guide will take you step-by-step through the process of displaying RSS Feeds on your web site and show you how to use RSS Feeds to increase your web site's traffic, boost sales and increase your profits. To see more of the benefits of RSS Feed Guide visit the RSS Feed Guide description page or if you're ready to start using RSS Feeds signup now to gain access to the benefits of RSS Feed Guide.








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