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If you operate an email newsletter or e-zine as part of your online marketing strategy you may well be finding that it's no longer as effective as it used to be.

With more and more people using spam filters to eliminate unwanted email it's inevitable that many of the emails you send out, even to people who have actively subscribed to your newsletter, will be deleted before they even reach their destination. Many webmasters who run email newsletters are also frustrated at being falsely accused of spamming.

With an RSS feed you can deliver your entire newsletter or e-zine to everyone who subscribes to it without worrying about whether it will be seen by them and with no risk of being labeled a spammer.

There are now many potential subscribers to your newsletter who will not subscribe by email but would love to subscribe to your newsletter by RSS feed.

If you're not offering your newsletter or e-zine via RSS feed then you're turning away thousands of potential customers. What's more if you don't do it then it's only a matter of time before one of your competitors starts offering an RSS feed and attracting customers who could otherwise have been your customers.

It's not a case of using RSS feeds to deliver your newsletter or e-zine instead of email you should be offering your users both and allow them to choose which they prefer.

Why Users prefer RSS Feeds to email

  1. RSS is unspammable. Many potential subscribers to your newsletter or e-zine are wary of giving out their email address for fear of being spammed. Since it's not possible to send unsolicited RSS feeds your subscribers can sign up with no fear of spam.
  2. The user is completely in control of whether they remain subscribed to your RSS feed. If a user decides that they no longer wish to receive a particular RSS feed they can unsubscribe at the click of a button - no need to send an unsubscribe request by email, no need to wait to be removed from a mailing list and no fear of your request being ignored. For this reason users are far more likely to subscribe to RSS feeds than to an email list or newsletter.
  3. Unlike email RSS is not used to spread viruses. Another major reason for users reluctance to give out their email address is the fear of receiving viruses via email. The same risks do not apply to RSS feeds so users are far more willing to subscribe.


RSS Feed Guide provides you with a complete set of tools and resources to enable you to create an RSS Feed for your newsletter or e-zine. RSS Feed Guide also shows you how to promote your RSS feed to generate new subscribers and how to create additional income streams from your RSS feed.

To learn more about the benefits of RSS Feed Guide visit the RSS Feed Guide description page or if you're ready to start using RSS Feeds signup now to gain access to the resources of RSS Feed Guide.


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