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Marketing with RSS Feeds

RSS is one of the most useful and effective means of promoting and marketing your online business or website. Whether you are selling physical products, digital products, services or you just want to encourage people to return to your website regularly, an RSS feed is an extremely valuable marketing tool.

By creating an RSS feed for your website you can inform your visitors or customers whenever you add new content to your website, add new products to your online store or have special offers to announce.

An RSS feed is one of the most effective ways to encourage visitors to return to your site and generate repeat business from your customers.

Regular web users like to keep track of the content of many favorite websites, RSS feeds inform users of new or updated content on websites without them having to visit each website to see if there is anything new. If a subscriber sees a headline in your RSS feed which catches their eye they can then visit your website to see the full content.

Many web users also like to keep track of product prices and availability. An RSS feed allows you to inform your potential customers whenever you have new products available or special offers to announce. This is a great way to attract new customers and encourages repeat sales to customers who have bought from you in the past.


With straight forward step by step tutorials RSS Feed Guide will show you how to create an RSS feed and how to use it to market your products, services or websites.

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