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Every webmaster wants to get a better position in the web search engines to generate more traffic. As search engines become more sophisticated in order to cope with the constantly increasing number of web pages and provide relevant results it is becoming much harder for webmasters to achieve and maintain a high position.

Whilst RSS feeds provide you with a number of ways to significantly boost your traffic from web search engines there are also a growing number of RSS search engines and directories in which it is far easier to achieve a high ranking because there is much less competition.

An RSS search engine, rather than enabling visitors to search for web sites or pages, is a search engine which allows users to search for RSS feeds by entering keywords as they would on a web search engine.

Similarly an RSS Directory is a directory of RSS feeds categorized by subject matter.

By getting your RSS feed listed in RSS search engines and RSS directories you are creating new ways by which potential customers or visitors can discover your web site, products or services.

Since RSS feeds are still relatively new there is far less competition for position in RSS search engines and RSS directories than there is in web search engines and web directories. You may well find that there is very little or even no competition for your particular area of business!

Whilst RSS feeds are becoming more popular every day there are still relatively few RSS feeds compared to the number of web sites. Even the largest RSS feed directories fewer than 400,000 feeds listed whereas Google has over 8 billion web pages indexed! It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that it's a lot easier to get people to find your RSS feed than it is for them to find your web site!

Yahoo RSS Directory

Amongst the many RSS search engines and directories the most significant is the new Yahoo RSS feed directory. Every webmaster knows the importance of getting their web site listed in the Yahoo web directory, having your web site's RSS feed listed in the Yahoo RSS feed directory is just as important.

However, unlike the Yahoo web directory which costs $299 to have your site considered for inclusion, you can get your web site listed in the Yahoo RSS feed directory instantly and free of charge!

Apart from making your RSS feed available to Yahoo users searching for RSS feeds, having your RSS feed listed in the Yahoo RSS feed directory also means that the Yahoo search engine spider will follow any links it finds in your RSS feed and index your web site in the Yahoo search engine.

This means that by getting your RSS feed listed in the Yahoo RSS feed directory you can get a new web site or new web page listed in the Yahoo search engine in less than 72 hours!

What's more the Yahoo web search engine seems to be giving significantly higher rankings to web pages which it first finds through links in RSS feeds in the Yahoo RSS Directory!


RSS Feed Guide provides you with all you need to know about RSS Feeds and how to use them to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to your web site.

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