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Formatting the Display of RSS Feeds

When you display an RSS feed on your web site you can control how it is displayed and how much of it is displayed.

We will show you how you can

  1. Display an RSS feed without any hyperlinks
  2. Display an RSS feed with hyperlinks which open in a new window and don't appear as outgoing links to search engines.
  3. Format an RSS feed to fit the style of your web site
  4. Control how many items are displayed
  5. Control how much (if any) of the description is displayed
  6. Insert your own text, html and links within an RSS feed you are displaying

In order to illustrate some of the ways in which you can format and control the display of an RSS feed on your web page we have taken the same RSS feed and applied different formatting to display it in several different ways.

Firstly on the right you can see the RSS feed without any formatting applied so that you have something to compare. Note that, as with the rest of the RSS feeds displayed on this web site, we've put the RSS feed in an orange box and labeled it in orange.


You can control how many items are displayed from the RSS feed. We'll keep it to 2 items for the rest of this article to keep the page from getting too big!

This is an RSS Feed